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Aug 7, 2013 4:00pm EDT
got talking about the nsa leaker edward snowden and that russia granted him asylum he told leno he would go to the summit next month then clar fied he will go but he will not meet with putin one on one. it is clear why. so what is the fallout? well, there has been bipartisan move in washington but some bloggers are taking shots. it said that obama did not refuse to meet with putin because of human rights violations in russia but rather because of rights violations in the united states. another from a pro putin newspaper, russia strictly speaking does not care. what can we expect from obama's visit anyway, a second reset? the first one failed. who even remembers the first one. this is just the latest from an emboldened and combative russia under putin. he seems to be in there for life. he poked america's eye by taking in snowden by on all things we really need russia's cooperation. he consistently takes the opposition of the united states. he has banned american couples from adopting russia babies. so far the only reaction from our government has been to cancel the meeting. you have
Aug 13, 2013 4:00pm EDT
called me liptic curve cryptography, and this is something very important, the nsa licenses it for the government communications. i think when we talk about blackberry as an enterprise play, that's not the only thing they have here. they have really great security technology, which, yes, microsoft could leverage, but it could be a valuable thing for google, for yahoo! for nokia, for any one of the companies. i'm not sure nokia could acquire it here. >> right. >> there's a lot more behind the surface here in blackberry than we're really thinking about if we just look at the phones and the playbook. >> all right. i'm hanging on till the light goes out for the last time, if that's what happens. thank you both for your thoughts today on blackberry. appreciate it. >> thank you. >>> we've got a lot of stories we're covering today. more on carl icahn announcing he's got a big position in ap e apple. he's already spoken to ceo tim cook. the stock during the regular session was up about 4%, almost 5%, having one of the best days of the year. it continues a little bit higher here in the after-ho
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2